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Elders' Program

Elders' Lunch Calendar for July

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Elders' Council Notes

The Suquamish Tribal Elder Council met on May 2, 2012 in the Suquamish Elder lunch room at 12:30 p.m. after the tribal elders completed their lunch. Those present were Bruce Belmont, Elder Council member Rich Demain, Elder Council member, Jim Henry, Jr. , tribal elder, Bill Stroud, Elder Council Vice Chair, Marilyn Stroud, elder, Marilyn Wandrey, Elder Council Chair, Charlene Renquist, Elder Council Treasurer, Georgia George, Elder Council Secretary, Mary Ann Youngblood, Elder Council Member and Carrie Rock, tribal elder.

Georgia brought a beautiful photo of Haida families dressed in their regalia. The elder council will be following up on this idea for the tribal families in front of House of Awakened Culture.

A tribal elder had requested the elder council to discuss tribal elder housing and fire safety issues. In a phone discussion following the meeting between Marilyn Wandrey and Wayne George, Tribal Executive Director, Wayne reported that the fire department was provided with a key to the locked gate coming in from the main highway that belongs to a private property owner. The fire department will be able to get their fire truck to any tribal elder housing should there be a need. Wayne made assurances that any other fire safety issues arising from tribal elder housing will be followed up by tribal staff.

Wayne in response to the need for fire wood also reported that he has directed staff to begin gathering, and deliver cut wood now to enable it to dry for winter. Tribal elders living in the tribal service area to let Wayne know the length and size of wood they need for their particular wood stoves.

The Elder Council responded to issues brought up regarding (1) elders who travel with marginal good health that requires more one on one staff assistance; (2) a list of support staff who are on these elder trips and their allotted work schedules to enable elders to reach designated staff when needed, (3) medication check off lists of elder medications prior to getting on the bus to enable staff to call a pharmacy and have forgotten medications at the hotel or nearest pharmacy upon elder arrival and (4) also elders being thankful and respectful while traveling and representing our Suquamish Tribe. Our hands are up to the tribal council for their love and goodness they give to their tribal elders.

Bill Stroud, Elder Council, reported that he has met with Director Steve Weaver, Human Services regarding some of these travel issues and that Steve is developing protocols to ensure clear guidelines for elders and tribal staff when they go on trips. These will be shared and discussed with the Elder Council at a later date.

Elder annual trip possibilities were discussed as to where the elders might travel next. It was fun just talking and throwing out ideas. Humor is good for the soul. We all need that.

It was noted that it would be good to have tribal program nurses assigned to our larger tribal gatherings and/or meetings for our elders who may need emergency assistance. It was also reported that there have been nurses at several tribal events. Thank you Steve and Human Services support staff for taking good care of the tribal elders and their families.

In conclusion a financial report was given by Charlene Renquist and it was reported that the elder council needs to submit a proposal to tribal council for this year’s elder tribal budget.

The tribal elder council will continue to meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 12:30 p.m. in the elder lunch room. All tribal elders are welcome.

Marilyn Wandrey, Elder Council Chair

Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides fresh fruit and vegetables to lower-income seniors with the goal of im-proving their health and nutritional status. It also supports local farming by increasing the use of farmers markets and roadside stands.

You must be 55 years of age or older (for Native American) and meet the income limit. For 1 person the income limit is $1669.63 per month and for 2 people it is $2246 per month.

Please call Peggy Tonan , Suquamish Social Worker, at 394-8425 for the necessary paper-work to sign up. We will deliver the produce to your door if you meet the eligibility re-quirements. The produce is delivered every two weeks for a month or two. Vouchers are also available.

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